Santorini Wedding Photography

"Looking at a photograph can be like listening to a certain song, smelling or tasting, awakening our senses and memories so we can experience again. The photographic medium has the ability to evoke our emotions and this is what we are trying to suggest in our photography."
English photographer Ben Wyatt and his wife Vesna understood that Santorini could fulfil a love for creative photography. They have built a strong identity over the last few years with the aim to complement the island's beauty with artistic and expressive photography.

Being a husband and wife photography team enables them to really expose the day's events and emotions. A second camera is fundamental for a contemporary wedding shoot, allowing for a more dynamic and natural account of the day.

'Being resident photographers enables us to understand where to get the most from certain locations, the use of changing light and moods. We always try to push the possibilities and look for something pure and real, which speaks in so many ways. Truth is the only message.'

Santorini will always remain an extremely alluring destination for wedding ceremonies providing that unique charm and mystique unlike anywhere else in the world.

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